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Our capacity for the 23/24 school year has been reached and we are not accepting new students at this time.  Please stay connected with us and thank you for your interest. 

Early Elementary at Outer Range

The Switchback Program

Outer Range offers TWO early elementary cohorts serving students ages 5-7 and ages 6-8.  Students learn from meaningful, relevant, and tangible experiences in the outdoors, develop social competence, individual resilience and a readiness to learn, build the foundation for increased motivation and improved academic performance, and explore the natural world to foster healthy social, motor, and academic development. 

At Outer Range we believe that each child we serve has unique aptitudes and skill sets that are worthy of being fostered and challenged. Traditional grade levels often assign age-specific material with little deviation. Our learning cohorts expand opportunities for our students to achieve mastery at a pace that is developmentally appropriate, while exploring content that is captivating and cross-curricular. Flexible and small group instruction gives our students the opportunity for more support and more opportunities to be challenged at a level that meets their needs and interests. Age-band rosters will flex from year-to-year, allowing students the opportunity to grow through varied relationships with their peers.

Research shows that experiential outdoor learning helps to build strong, language-rich relationships where children develop agency, independence, and personal responsibility. Through structured, yet flexible routines, children will learn to safely take risks in predictable environments, while better learning to cope, adapt, and interpret emotions. With an emphasis on play, a child-driven flow, increased social interaction, and exposure to sensory experiences, children will build a solid cognitive and socio-emotional foundation for a lifetime of learning with joy, curiosity, and wonder. 

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