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We are currently accepting new 6th-8th grade students for the 24-25 school year. Capacity is limited. 

Middle School at Outer Range

A co-created middle school experience centered on joy and connection. 

At Outer Range, we believe in the magic, wonder, and incredible capacity of young people and we are thrilled to a middle school option serving students 6th - 8th grade. 

Integrated project-based framework

standards-based, small group instruction

relevant and engaging experiences

Personalized learning and growth

create and manage individual goals

one-one support and enrichment

Connected outdoor community

build meaningful relationshps

explore through expeditions

Our middle school program is ideal for young people seeking the opportunity to: 

  • develop autonomy and agency through the design and management of meaningful projects

  • gain confidence and competence through multiple excursions and daily integration in the outdoors

  • expand curiosity and eagerness to learn and discover, bringing ideas and passions to life

  • spark creativity and imagination through the exploration and analysis of real world problems

  • strengthen voice and build meaningful relationships, advocating for change and developing community partnerships

  • recognize and honor individual capacity while working as a close-knit team with collective purpose and collective action

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