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How to Apply | Middle School

1. Watch the information presentation

2. Review the Frequently Asked Questions

3. Read the application process below and share your answers to the 5 questions. 

4. Complete application submission form

Application Process

Relationships and connection are at the heart of this program. We are looking to bring together 6th and 7th grade students with a variety of lived experiences to form our founding middle school cohort. 

This application is about: 

  • openness to grow and transform; vulnerability

  • willingness to take action and contribute to a collective

  • desire to feel connected to others and community

  • aspires to create in order to solve problems

  • express flexibility of thought, joy and playfulness

This application is not about: 

  • outdoor experience 

  • academic performance

When possible, our applications will be reviewed "blindly." Demographic information will be removed before our team reviews applications. 


To apply, please answer the 5 questions in a format that you enjoy. You might choose to write or record your answers, create a video, or an art piece etc. We welcome you to bring your responses to life in a way that works best for you. Once you have answered the questions and shared them with our team, please make sure to complete the application submission form.


Your responses to the questions should be emailed to with the following subject line: 

"Middle School Application." Non-digital responses can be dropped off on the front porch of the lodge on campus. 930 Colorado Avenue. Submissions will be accepted until April 30th at 11:59pm. 

Questions must be answered by students in order to be considered. 

You'll hear from us by May 15th. 


Why do you want to join the Outer Range family as a full-time middle school student?

What does a healthy community look like, sound like, and feel like?

If you could wave a magic wand, what problem would you fix and why?

If you could be any bird, what bird would you be and why?

How do you believe Outer Range will support the human you are right now? How do you believe Outer Range will help you grow?

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